Heaven Scent K9 is founded by an ABC Certified Dog Trainer and considers training to be our specialty. We strive to set dogs up for success, providing them with a healthy, happy mindset. We use balanced training, a system that utilizes markers to clearly communicate when a dog is correct or incorrect. We also use rewards as motivators and consequences to establish healthy boundaries. Our goal is to give dogs a balanced lifestyle and strong relationships with their leaders.

Meet Our Trainer

ABC Certified Dog Trainer

Certified Explosives K9 Handler

I am Jacklyn Brown, co-founder of Heaven Scent K9. I trained dogs competitively in obedience & agility for 10 years at the state and local level before becoming a bomb dog handler and training obedience on a professional level.


I graduated 2 semesters early from Trine University where I got to complete 2 internships with Merrill's K9. I assisted in training detection dogs in Maine then handled my bomb-sniffing Labrador at the Heat arena and Dolphins stadium in Miami, Florida. 

I am very passionate about dog training- both pets and detection dogs. I take pride in my eagerness to learn and motivation to further my knowledge with the dog's wellbeing in mind.


1 on 1 training focused on your dog's individual needs.

Group Class

Simultaneously socialize  & desensitize your dog to distractions by training with a group.

Day Training

Educational daycare for busy owners who still want to come home with their dogs.

Board & Train

Leave your dog in our trusted care for customizable training.