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When learning something new while also teaching your dog, it is very common & expected for an owner to make some mistakes. Board & trains are useful in that the dog learns very quickly from a certified professional who is consistent in teaching new skills. We then teach the owner how to apply what we have taught their dog before sending them home with their well-mannered pet. 

Our board & trains start with a consultation & finish with a "go-home" session that set the dog & owners up for a successful transition back home. Furthermore, the programs have great flexibility to fit each dog's needs; each is custom to the dog. Below are some ideas of things we can work on. 

Contact us today for a consultation & more details!


Covers basic commands & minor problem behaviors like jumping on people, counter surfing, mouthing and excessive barking.

  • Sit, down and place with duration

  • Loose leash walking

  • Recall (come)

  • Wait at thresholds (doors, stairs, cars, kennel)

  • Leave it

  • Engagement skills


Focuses on creating a calm and well-mannered house dog. Perfect for pet owners who wish to eat dinner in peace & cut the crazy barking when a doorbell goes off. 


Extremely beneficial for any dog, but especially tailored toward puppies & fearful dogs. ​Helps dogs focus during distractions, build confidence in a variety of environments, & be more comfortable in new places. 


For those desiring more off-leash freedom without losing the control. Learn proper e-collar techniques & reward systems to allow a solid recall in a variety of distractions. Allows for uses in multiple aspects of obedience training.








These prices include:

- 1 hour lesson at pickup

- 1 hour follow-up lesson that can be done at anytime after their stay (also available virtually)

- Our recommended e-collar

- A written packet custom to your dog

- Supplemental videos for reference

Board & Train Nash


"After doing tons of research in the Fort Wayne and Indianapolis areas, we were lucky enough to find Jacklyn and Heaven Scent K9 after a friendly referral.

We were looking for specific training for our 10 month old Vizsla, Monroe. If you konw anything about Vizslas, you know how high energy and smart they are. We were entering the adolescent stage with our girl and finally were at a point where we needed more structured training before we welcomed a baby into our family. 

After our consultation with Jacklyn we knew we wanted her to work with Monroe. We set up a two-week board and train and Jacklyn helped us come up with a structured plan for Monroe. 

Before our B&T, Monroe knew basic commands but she decided when she wanted to listen to us.

After working with HSK9, Monroe is still sweet and sassy but respects our boundaries, listens and completes her commands when asked. She learned place duration for when our baby arrives. She comes when called and is living her best off leash, gun dog life thanks to the recall training! We are also enjoying our walks as Monroe can heel and walk nicely with us now. 

We are takinng full advantage of Monroe's new skills and enjoy taking her on new adventures with us. We just recently got to take her with us to a family photoshoot. All of these skills and more would not have been possible without the hard work of HSK9. We are so thankful to the team for helping us create the best life we can for Monroe. We highly recommend Jacklyn and HSK9 to all of our friends and family."


Paige F. / Monroe 

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