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Day training is educational daycare where the dog gets dropped off & picked up each day. Your pup has the opportunity to run & play in daycare, receive a few training sessions customizable to your needs each day.

Day training provides physical & mental exercise & is the perfect way to continue maintaining training. It is a great solution for busy owners who desire well-behaved and obedient dogs. It is best for owners who have worked with us before, as it does not include a thorough lesson when you pick up. 






All dogs must have updated Rabies, Distemper and Bordetella vaccines and be on a flea & tick preventative.

2 black Labrador retrievers posing durin


"Jacklyn and her team at Heaven Scent K9 are amazing!! We can not say enough great things about the wonderful work she did with out puppy Piper.  Piper is 8 months old and a bit unruly.  She would not let us trim her nails or listen in any consistent manor, typical puppy.  However, after a couple of weeks at Heaven Scent, she came home an amazing pup.  She is a better listener, obedient and loves to “work” for treats by sitting, laying, staying in place, and even lets us trim her nails now without fighting/biting us.  


This is one of the best investments we have ever made for our many dogs throughout the years, and has helped teach us to be better dog parents also.   She helped teach us what we were doing wrong and helped to create a stable training environment.   I can not believe how much happier we all are now that we understand and listen to each other better, for us and Piper alike.  Piper came home groomed, looking good and better behaved, Heaven scent has been a blessing for us, thank you Jacklyn and your team for such great, caring work with our dog."


Scottie and Janet F. / Piper 

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